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Brace Anchor is an innovative, time saving and cost effective alternative to in-situ concrete foundations for anchoring braces.

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Product Advantages

Temporary / Removable bracing foundations

The Brace Anchor was conceived from existing proven technology and developed as an alternative to cast in-situ concrete foundations. The original design criteria required that the product be economical, durable, easily installed to comply with all applicable codes and standards. Brace Anchor is now accepted as the preferred method for temporarily supporting precast concrete panels.

Cost effective and safe

It is certified and designed to adapt the T-Lock anti-tamper system that ensures safety and peace of mind. The effective use of Brace Anchors can result in savings of up to 50% on the cost of conventional methods.

Lead and construction times

Brace Anchors can be installed on the day of erection, allowing the project in some instances to be completed ahead of schedule. Brace Anchors can each be installed in a matter of minutes and are available for immediate use; whereas conventional concrete foundations would take at least 4 days before any precast concrete panels may be erected.

Site congestion

The installation and removal of the Brace Anchors can proceed without interference with any other site works. Once the Brace Anchor is installed, there is no obstruction to site access or underground services.

No spoils and environmentally friendly

No soil is excavated during installation or removal. Brace Anchor's methodology eliminates the need to cart away or relocate overburden on the site. Being re-useable, Brace Anchors are environmentally friendly by reducing harmful emissions associated with the manufacture and delivery of at least 10 m3 of concrete for every Brace Anchor.


All Brace Anchor works for providing the anchoring point at the base of the panel braces are planned and certified in accordance with all industry requirements.


Strict planning and monitoring of each and every Brace Anchor ensures maximum safety standards are consistently attained on all sites under all conditions.

Project management

Planning and scheduling of the Brace Anchors is facilitated by Brace Anchor, which frees up your project management team to focus their efforts on other areas of the construction.


Our experienced and professional team ensures you get consistent and high-level customer service at all times.


The first field applications of Brace Anchors were conducted in NSW.The Brace Anchor (MK5) is a highly developed system, which has been rigorously tested for variation in soil conditions from state to state. This track record ensures the latest version of the Brace Anchor easily caters for soil conditions and loading requirements on most precast concrete construction sites Australia wide.


Each job is priced according to the number of Brace Anchors required for that project. We can provide an estimate of the quantity of Brace Anchors necessary upon receipt of the precast concrete layout plan.

What our clients say

"Very professional. Brace Anchor knows what they are doing and they perform the job cleanly, swiftly and easily."

CGA Bryson - Henny Mokadsi, Foreman and Director
Fantastic! Efficient! I was very impressed with Brace Anchor. It saved us money compared to conventional concrete footings and eliminated the hassle of concrete footings that interfere with electrical, gas, water and sewerage trenches. I can't recommend highly enough.

Beacon Constructions - Noel Smart, Foreman
We found Brace Anchor to be an excellent service to use. They are union endorsed and we will use them on all our developments that require temporary bracing panels.

Salta Constructions - Horst Richter, Project Manager
We intend to use Brace Anchor for most of our future precast developments, as they are a professional and well set up service.

Pellicano Builders - Chris Wells, Project Manager
Excellent service and cost effective - we will definitely use Brace Anchor whenever possible.

Westrock - Andy Simon, Foreman
Extremely good, solid system. Brace Anchor was quick, effective and eliminated the wastage associated with concrete pads and their removal.

ADCO - Trevor Merret, Foreman